What’s the difference between versioning and revisioning APIs?

  • Look at release management as a communication tool - to and for your API consumers. You can take two approaches to it - versioning and revisioning.
  • Versioning implies that each group of related changes in an API is presented under a specific number, often denoting the type of release.
  • Revisioning implies incremental changes have been made and it prevents version-to-version code breaks, allowing legacy code to continue functioning.
  • You will find versioning useful when your API is flexible enough to support version 1 as legacy while transitioning to version 2; or when your API is only useful as a conduit to another API or system.
  • Revisioning is a more apt approach if your API supports vital business functions, medical purposes, security systems, etc., where it is essential for the API to stay up and running at all times.

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