Simple systems have less downtime

  • Simplicity while building a system leads to less downtime because you don’t need to wait for a specifically proficient person to do/help with anything, anybody in the team can take over troubleshooting without a huge learning curve or training.
  • Troubleshooting, therefore, takes less time, because learning the system and then identifying and resolving the problem is almost intuitive.
  • When each part of the system has a clear function, it is easier for you to find several alternative solutions.
  • Follow these principles to build simpler systems:
  1. Features don’t justify the complexity. Choose tools that are easy to operate rather than the most feature-rich option.
  2. Complex ideas lead to complex implementations. Pare down your ideas so they can be explained fast.
  3. Try modifications before additions. Most people rush to add new layers, steps or integrations for new requirements. Instead, first, check whether the core system can be modified.

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