Cold start/warm start with AWS Lambda

  • Programming language can impact the duration of a cold start in Lambda: Java and C# are typically slower to initialize than Go, Python or Node but they perform better on warm calls.
  • Adding a framework to structure the code deployed in Lambda increases execution time with cold calls, which can be minimized by using a serverless-oriented framework as opposed to a web framework. Typically, frameworks don’t impact warm calls.
  • In serverless applications, one way to avoid cold starts is to keep Lambda warm beyond its fixed 5-minute life by preventing it from being unloaded. You can do this by setting up a cron to invoke Lambda at regular intervals. However, AWS Lambda will still reset every 4 hours and autoscaling must be taken into account.
  • To avoid cold starts in case of concurrent calls from automatic autoscaling, make pools of Lambda instances kept warm as above; but you will need to determine an optimal number to avoid wasting resources.

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