Maximize your team: How I created an engineering roadmap

  • It takes considerable effort from you as a leader for your team to be successful. Draw up a roadmap for the team: Identify a long-term focus. Evaluate previous efforts. Allow visibility into what the team is focusing on. Ensure planning efforts and workloads are easy to timebox and monitor so the team knows when they are ahead or behind. Collaborate with other teams and use your business needs to prioritize value over cool factor.
  • Set the roadmap at a meeting and brainstorm together to visualize the destination you want to arrive at, and when you want to get there. Use a value system to filter or prioritize the ideas generated - nice to have, important but not urgent, critical for efficiency, debugging needed right away, important and urgent.
  • Create a roadmap document:

a) Summarize team and business goals.

b) List responsibilities and desired outcomes for the team. Include a list of all the things the team is managing and what is likely to be phased out or removed to help prioritize.

c) Review achievements for the previous year both for tracking goals and for motivation.

d) List this year’s goals, with 4-5 overarching objectives with 3-5 subheads each. Organize each section in a similar way to the main roadmap document.

  • Avoid cluttering the document with too much detail of plans and solutions to issues targeted - that’s a different exercise, which you should restrict to the relevant team and not the entire larger team.

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