Become a better developer by mastering the superpower of deep work

  • Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task, to produce results in less time. To develop a good deep work habit, add routines to your work life.
  • Check your agenda for important meetings and plan your day’s deep work sessions, breaks, and shallow work.
  • Arrive at work well before colleagues, when there is no noise, no meetings & no demands that require context switching.
  • Once your teammates arrive, take a social break or do some shallow work - answer emails, check feeds, engage in the daily scrum. Then tackle another deep work session.
  • Create a shutdown ritual to end the day - answer important emails, update task statuses and do small tasks that help you prepare for tomorrow.
  • Once you leave, practice stopping to think about work. If you can, turn off work-related notifications.

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