Good code reviews, better code reviews

  • You can make code reviews better by questioning the maintainability, necessity & impact of code changes in the context of your overall system. Look at abstractions introduced and aim for doing a contextual pass.
  • Any good code review avoids opinionated comments/statements. You can make code reviews better by focusing on being empathetic and all-round positive, kind and unassuming.
  • Good reviewers leave as many comments and questions as are needed, and prefer connecting with the author in-person, while better reviewers will proactively reach out to the person to avoid any misunderstandings in the first place.
  • You can have better coder reviews by looking beyond the errors and trying to figure out the underlying issue.
  • Companies with good code reviews ensure that everyone takes part in the code review process. Companies with better code reviews ensure that code just doesn’t make it to production without reviews.

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