Embedded integration frameworks: Tips from Shopify, Twitch, and more

  • Define target personas & use cases of developers who are your potential platform users. Prioritize the platform for one target persona over another only after gathering feedback to determine the right direction for their platform.
  • Establish a good experience with your framework that encourages users to not just make requests but to play around and hack the service to do what they want. Treat this as actionable feedback and prioritize these improvements.
  • Make integrations as powerful and simple as possible. Instead of asking a partner for a URL to embed, Twitch allows developers to host their front-end code on Twitch itself.
  • Build tools on top of APIs to cover common use cases. Include native elements that stay the same across integrations.
  • Use event-catching to capture the context around the app environment and automate the app to fine-tune the experience accordingly.

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