Estimation 101 – a short guide

  • Estimations are hard and turn up inaccurate most of the time. We all commit to deadlines based on our estimations and find ourselves in a tight spot later.
  • For good estimations, break tour work down into a set of components, think about their individual complexity to understand the whole project. This can help you give more accurate estimates.
  • A PERT estimate is a good way to get to and also to share estimates. In this, you look at three values: pessimistic, optimistic, and most likely estimate. PERT estimate = (Optimistic + 4*Most likely + Pessimistic)/6. It is a weighted average of the three estimates.
  • When you are estimating your time or effort for projects, include time for writing tests, quality assurance, release scripts. Also include time for technical documentation and provisioning scripts for the cloud infrastructure to support the project, if any are required.

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