Feedback is not a dirty word

  • Without a good feedback system, pockets of disagreement can grow into resentment, distrust and eventually organizational failure. Feedback is also the only way to achieve true personal growth.
  • For critical feedback to be effective, give it in private and with positive intentions, be specific and factual, and use a non-violent communication format: ‘when you do , I feel because the story in my head is ’.
  • Set up review sessions regularly (ideally weekly) at an expected time.
  • Be receptive to feedback and sidestep your ego’s fight or flight response by evaluating ideas objectively and viewing feedback as a gift.
  • Once you have heard the feedback, repeat what you heard, request confirmation and keep asking ‘Is that all?’ until you are sure the other person is done. Finally, think objectively about the feedback and suggest an action to resolve it.
  • Ensure that feedback is a part of your culture and an expectation from managers. Hold weekly one-on-one meetings, with structured time in the end for mutual feedback and put it all on record.
  • Publicly seek feedback from your team and discuss it. As a leader, publish written feedback from other leaders for the entire company and discuss ways you are trying to improve.

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