The 5 levers to address ‘org smells’ and ship higher-quality software (faster)

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities for both teams and individuals, including where these overlap, to help everyone understand what they should be doing, who to approach with questions on a given area and what is a shared endeavor.
  • Create living product documentation to share insights and stay aligned. Regularly update product development processes and key product documents such as strategic objectives and roadmaps.
  • Hold productive and engaging meetings, with separate people facilitating and leading each of them. As a facilitator, share enough context beforehand, lay out an agenda, track time, keep people focused and maintain minutes of the meeting. As a leader, decide what needs to be done synchronously at the meeting and what can be achieved asynchronously. Set expectations for the how, when and where of communication within and across teams.
  • Develop good relationships with your team members so you are able to have difficult conversations with them with ease. Remember people crave BICEPS - belonging, improvement/progress, choice/autonomy, equality/fairness, predictability, and status.
  • Share context and critical milestones of progress through stages widely with the entire organization. Explain the reasoning and history behind decisions made.

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