5 ways to make HTTP requests in Node.js

  • You can use the default HTTP module in the standard library. It saves you the trouble of installing external dependencies but is not as user-friendly as other solutions.
  • Request is a simplified HTTP client which is more user-friendly that you can install as a dependency from npm. It is easy to use and you can support Promises with the request-promise library.
  • Axios is a Promise-based client for both the browser and Node.js, good for asynchronous code and more complex uses. It parses JSON responses by default and can handle multiple concurrent requests with axios.all.
  • SuperAgent, that is primarily used for Ajax requests in the browser, also works in Node.js. It offers functions like query() that you can chain on to requests to add parameters, and as with Axios, you don’t need to parse JSON responses yourself.
  • Got is a more lightweight library compared to Request, etc. Got work with Promises as well.

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