Improving incident retrospectives

  • Incidents retrospectives are an integral part of any good engineering culture.
  • Often, too much focus is on triggers for the incident. The retrospective should instead review the timeline of incidents, remediation items and find owners for the remediation items.
  • Retrospectives should be used as an opportunity for deeper analysis into systems (both people and technical) and assumptions that underlie these systems.
  • Finding remediation items should be decoupled from the retrospective process. It helps participants to be free in conducting a deeper investigation as they are unburdened from finding any shallow explanations quickly.
  • It’s a good practice to lighten up the retrospective template you are using because any template will be unequipped to capture unique characteristics of varied incidents. Also, sticking rigidly to a template means limits open-ended questions that can be quite useful in evolving your systems in the right direction.

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