Improving Mongo performance by managing indexes

  • You can query large collections efficiently by defining an index and ensuring it is built in the background.
  • To define an efficient index, you can build on top of a previously defined index as well. When you are compound indexing in this way, determine which property of your query is the most unique and give it a higher cardinality. This higher cardinality will help in limiting the search area of your query.
  • To ensure your database uses your index efficiently, ensure the index fits in the available RAM on your database server as part of Mongo‚Äôs working set. Check this using the db.stats().indexSize and determining your default allocation of RAM.
  • To keep index sizes small, examine the usage of indexes of a given collection and remove the unused ones, examine compound indexes to check whether some are redundant, make indexes sparser by imposing a $partialFilterExpression constraint to tell them which documents to use, and minimize fields in compound indexes.

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