Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?

The trade-off between quality and cost doesn't exist in the software world. Counter-intuitively, higher quality software tends to be cheaper in the long run. This article explains how to put quality, cost of ownership and technical debt into perspective.

  • Software quality is divided into external (can be seen by the user) and internal (code architecture).
  • Internal quality, even though invisible, makes is easier to enhance the software and push releases much faster. The cost of adding a new feature or fixing a bug is termed as technical debt.
  • High quality software always pays an initial upfront cost in order to get the code architecture or design right. Over time, the ROI on a well designed codebase is much higher.
  • The best software teams end up creating technical debt. This is largely attributed to developers never solving a new problem with each product. To deal with this cruft, great teams write automated tests and continuously refactor to fix issues, keeping it at a manageable level.

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