Kubernetes deployment strategies

  • The standard for Kubernetes is rolling deployment, replacing pods of previous versions with the new one without cluster downtime. Kubernetes probes new pods for readiness before scaling down old ones, so you can abort deployment without bringing down the cluster.
  • In a recreate deployment, all old pods are killed at once and replaced with new ones.
  • A blue/green or red/black deployment offers both old and new versions together with users having access only to green (old version) while your QA team applies test automation to the blue (new version). Once the blue passes, the service switches over and scales down the green version.
  • Canary deployments are similar to blue/green but use a controlled progressive approach, typically when you want to test new functionality on the backend or with a limited subset of users before a full rollout.
  • Dark deployments or A/B testing are similar to canary deployment but used for front-end rather than backend features.

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