What I learned about making software from my 3-year old daughter

  • A meta-learning - observing children can teach us a lot.
  • When trying a new framework, tool or language, we need to play around and ask for help when we get stuck. Exploring is important.
  • When her toys get broken, we use the glue to fix them but once broken, they have a tendency of breaking again after some days. Even if they stay intact, she knows it is broken and at the risk of breaking again. Some code, like broken toys, cannot be repaired and the part or functionality needs to be completely replaced or rewritten.
  • She likes to play a game of spotting patterns. We tried to spot heart patterns one day. She was focused on finding those patterns everywhere and she won, of course. If we focus, we might discover patterns and principles that can help us solve problems. There are always patterns that we miss because we are not really looking for them.

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