Lessons learned from the Ruby Refactoring Kata - Tennis Game

“There is a certain amount of Zen to refactoring. It is hard at first because you must be able to let go of that perfect design you have envisioned and accept the design that was serendipitously discovered for you by refactoring. You must realize that the design you envisioned was a good guidepost, but is now obsolete.”
  • Refactoring mercilessly is a great learning technique to learn about what different parts of the code do.
  • Don’t trust the initial tests completely. There are great chances they may not give you complete coverage.
  • Extract method is a no-brainer refactoring with a good IDE support.
  • Simplify if conditions with Guards.
  • Preserve the public API if you have no control over client calls.
  • “Code as data” sounds exciting in theory. It isn’t too great in practice.

Full post here, 12 mins read