Things I Learnt from a Senior Software Engineer

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A year ago Neil Kakkar started working at Bloomberg. Sitting next to a senior software engineer, he could closely observe what they were doing, and how it was different from what he would do. He shares everything he learned in the last 1 year in this post. The post has some good reminders on software engineering best practices that all devs would find useful.

My favorite two are:

  • “Whatever deployment process you choose, treat your machines like cattle, not like pets. They aren’t precious. You know exactly what’s running on every machine and how to recreate them in case of death. You’re not upset when one machine dies, you just spin up a new one. You herd them, not raise them.”
  • “Just writing tests don’t improve my code quality, writing the code does. But the insights I gain from reading the tests help me write better code.”

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