Maintaining Mental health on Software Development Teams

Courtesy: Glasbern Cartoon Service

Our mental health can be divided into 2 spheres: Cognitive & Emotional.

  • The cognitive sphere is similar to a computer with IO, memory, RAM and processor speed. When we aren't in a good place mentally, these channels are slower and less efficient than normal.
  • The emotional sphere targets our emotions such as sadness, fear, anger and joy.
  • Our brains can work in a focused setting for 2-4 hours/day.
  • Keep switching between focused work (intense coding or design) and unfocused tasks (simple bug fixes).
  • Regular physical workouts are critical to maintain oxygen and glucose levels to the brain.
  • Share and communicate with the team often. Talking about problems, issues or your wins with the team helps the brain process feelings in the emotional sphere.
  • Find ways to get Oxytocin levels up during the day. For example, hanging out with your family or friends in the kitchen is much healthier than fretting over the next problem to solve.

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