Peacetime productivity, wartime productivity

  • In business terms, in ‘peacetime’, your company has a large advantage over the competition in its core market and its market share is growing. You focus on expanding your market and reinforcing strengths.
  • In ‘wartime’, your company is fending off an existential threat: competition, dramatic macroeconomic change, market changes, supply chain issues, etc.
  • This distinction impacts your productivity (at an individual level) and strategy (at a team level).
  • In wartime, you may have a website down, a product malfunctioning, a furious customer or a new piece of information that requires overhauling your strategy. You either know what to do but lack time/resources, or you don’t know what to do, and are making important decisions under time pressure (hours or minutes) while being constantly ‘available’.
  • Some strategies for wartime:
  1. Star emails that need urgent responses and get to them asap.
  2. Use an incident command protocol or similar best practices.
  3. If you can help in a specific way/area, pitch in. If you don’t know where to start, start anywhere.
  4. Ignore your usual task manager app and start an essentials-only task list.
  5. Skip weekly reviews or call for an abbreviated version that is fast and focused.
  6. Leave complicated work till peacetime. Focus on controlling the chaos.

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