Postgres is underrated - it handles more than you think

Lesser known but powerful features of Postgres:

  • Postgres can cache too. Use shared_buffer config parameter in the Postgres config file to know how much memory it will use for caching data. Use pg_buffercache view to see what’s occupying the shared buffer cache of your instance. Use pg_prewarm function to load table data into either the OS cache or the Postgres buffer cache.
  • Postgres can search quickly through text. It has a special data type tsvector, and a set of functions, like to_tsvector and to_tsquery to do this.
  • Postgres provides a powerful server-side function environment in many programming languages. Pre-process as much data as you can on the Postgres server with server-side functions to cut down on the latency arising from passing too much data back & forth between your application servers and your database.
  • Postgres has some powerful extensions. PostGIS is a specialized extension that can be used for geospatial data manipulation &running location queries in SQL. hstore extension allows storing and searching simple key-value pairs.

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