Production secret management at Airbnb

  • Airbnb built an internal tool Bagpiper which is a collection of tools and framework components that it uses for the management of production secret assets.
  • They designed it to decouple secret management from other app configurations as Airbnb scaled, and to ensure a least-privileged access pattern, encryption of secrets at rest, support for applications across several languages and environments, and managing secrets for periodic rotation.
  • Bagpiper creates segmented access by asymmetrically encrypting secrets with service-specific keys: a secret is encrypted with each of the public keys on a per-secret keychain, and only services with the corresponding private keys can decrypt the secret. It encrypts information at rest and decrypts it during use.
  • Engineers can add, remove and rotate secrets, and make them available to select production systems. Secrets and changes to code are typically deployed together.
  • Secrets are rotated continuously, using secret annotations that specify when a secret was created/last rotated and when to rotate it again.

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