The programmer mindset: main debug loop

  • What the author calls a ‘main debug loop’ is a natural tendency most programmers develop over time: Write a small piece of code. Run the code. Fix what’s not working. Repeat.
  • Validating small pieces of code you write while you write them (in-application validation) is better for code quality & for speed of the overall project than using only testing as a validation method.
  • However, in many cases this approach may consume a lot of developer time due to the latency in the file system, the runtime loading the change you just made, and your own time interacting with the newly updated application.
  • There is a correlation between large codebases, service architecture, and a retreat to test validation as the primary debug loop.
  • Staging environments can help solve these local machine resource problems, if any, and also alleviate the burden of maintaining a local data set for testing while writing code.

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