Programmer’s discipline

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Sidu Ponnapa has spent much of his career scaling the 'people side of tech'. He has helped seed and scale GojekTech from 1 million to 10 billion GMV in the last 4 years. In this post, Sidu expounds on how can team leaders & decision-makers bounce off programmers’ discipline to build & scale effective organizations. Programming is inherently difficult. Programmers face inherent challenges of programming - ambiguity, complexity, integration, and paradox - while building solutions for hard problems.

To reduce the difficulty of problems, programmers break things down into ‘systems’, and define how they engage with these systems through ‘disciplines’. Many of these disciplines are a perfect fit when dealing with the problems inherent in scaling businesses. Because all competent programmers are experienced at designing, building and running large, complex systems, they are excellent sounding boards when developing non-tech systems.

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