4 serverless myths to understand before getting started with AWS

  • One myth is that serverless implies Functions as a Service (FaaS). Cloud services are serverless if no servers are exposed for you to administer, if they scale automatically and you pay for what you use only. In fact, serverless need not mean web-based apps, and can include real-time analytics and processing, so look beyond functions.
  • Don’t think that serverless is a silver bullet. Serverless technology is best suited for event-based architectures, rather than traditional client-server architecture, and you need to beware of recreating monolithic structures.
  • Another common myth is that serverless means an end to operational burdens. Advanced observability is intrinsic, so you need operational effort to monitor, maintain and effectively scale, though you need not administer servers.
  • Don’t believe that serverless is infinitely scalable. Serverless services have high availability but cannot scale infinitely - each service has limits, such as lambda’s memory limits and Kinesis’ throughput limits - so you need to optimize for the limits and plan for failure scenarios to ensure resilience.

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