Stretching, executing, coasting - and pacing yourself to avoid burnout

  • Look at how professional athletes build their careers. They pace themselves to optimize performance and ensure the longevity of their careers. We, software developer can (and should) do the same too - use the model of stretching, executing and coasting just as they do.
  • Stretching is the most fun mode where you learn things quickly, apply them as you go, step up to new challenges, and move out of your comfort zone to accelerate learning. However, if you stretch too long and you will slow down or burn out.
  • Executing is the normal way of working where you use your existing skills and experience to get things done well, without continuously stretching. To get your manager’s support on this mode, list additional things you do and establish your intention to delegate or say no.
  • Coasting implies doing less or lower-quality work than you are capable of, say, as a short breather after a big project or because of personal circumstances.

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