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Staging environments are too important to be overlooked: here's why

Staging environments can reduce the errors occurring due to unmet dependencies. They reduce the impact or number of errors in your product and result in indirect cost savings.…


Prototyping vs. production development: how to avoid creating a monster

The ability to rapidly iterate, receive quick feedback, and keep costs relatively low are the three main priorities during the prototype phase. In the production phase, it is all about keeping the user, their needs and their environment in mind.…


How Shopify scales up its development teams

When scaling up development teams, the first folks to recruit are the recruiters themselves - specialists who understand the company culture & team’s exact needs.…


Programmer’s discipline

Programmers face inherent challenges of programming - ambiguity, complexity, integration, and paradox - while building solutions for hard problems.…

code review

Pairing vs. Code Review: Comparing Developer Cultures

In pairing, everybody on the team gets better together because of constant communication. In teams that follow the practice of code review, there is a motivating pressure to perform well for the review.…