The failure of Agile

  • Agile suggests embracing change, using an ‘inspect and adapt’ approach. This is possible only for experienced and skilled team members who have the mental models to handle the real world abstraction of these concepts in play.
  • For beginners, it is easier to follow simple, context-free rules. Agile methods have some concrete practices to start with and new teams latch on to those and get stuck there.
  • Andy Hunt, one of 17 founders/authors of the Agile Manifesto, along with Jared Richardson, proposed a solution to this a few years ago that combats these problems of agile.
  • It is the GROWS Method where GROWS stands for GRowing Real-World Oriented Working Systems. This aims for evidence-based inspection of real-world feedback.
  • A notable quote by Andy that explains his thinking about GROWS:
“Software is not designed and built; that’s far too a deterministic, linear model that doesn’t work here. Growing is a better metaphor because with growth comes change. Real-world oriented is a nod to the idea that we need to base all our decisions and direction on actual evidence: feedback from the real world, under actual conditions. Anything else is just some unfortunate combination of fantasy and wishful thinking.”

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