Tips for 10x application performance

  • Accelerate and secure applications with a reverse proxy server to free up the application server from waiting for users to interact with it. It is also a prerequisite for many other performance increasing capabilities - load balancing, caching static files, and for better security & scalability too.
  • Apply load balancing to protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SPDY, HTTP/2, WebSocket, FastCGI, SCGI, uwsgi, memcached, TCP-based applications, Layer 4 protocols etc.
  • Cache both static and dynamic content to reduce the load on application servers.
  • Use established compression standards to reduce file sizes for photos, videos, and music. Avoid leaving text data, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript uncompressed as their compression can have a large effect especially over slow or otherwise constrained connections. If you use SSL, compression reduces the amount of data to be SSL-encoded, saving time.
  • Monitor real-world performance closely, in real-time, both within specific devices and across your web infrastructure. You should use global application performance monitoring tools to check page load times remotely and also monitor the delivery side.

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