Absolute truths I unlearned as a junior developer

  • The title of ‘senior developer’: Don’t be led by job titles alone. Value collaborative experience, being reviewed and having a mentor. Avoid an early position where you have to work alone.
  • Everyone writes tests: Loads of companies have little or no testing, because they have either never felt the pain of not having tests or felt the pain of having legacy tests.
  • We’re far behind everyone else: Beware of ‘tech FOMO’ as academic settings and conferences often cover proof of concepts rather than real-world scenarios. Dealing with legacy is normal.
  • Code quality matters most: Often, good enough code that works and is maintainable is good enough. Overarching architecture is more important than nitpicking.
  • Technical debt is bad: Disorganized or messy code is not the same as technical debt. Technical debt actually slows you down or causes errors or makes changes difficult. A certain amount of tech debt is healthy because it assures delivery.
  • Seniority means being the best programmer: Senior engineers need many skills, from communication and dependency management to estimation and project management. And the truth is that we all remain junior in some areas.

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