What is clean code?

Few key ideas from Robert C. Martin’s Clean Code:

  • Even though perfect code is an illusion, understand that craftsmanship matters because high-quality (thoughtful, flexible, maintainable) code results in long-term payoffs for the business. Code that ‘just works’ may only offer short-term success.
  • Put in the extra effort today to refactor and test your code, in order to save yourself (and others) pains tomorrow. Poorly crafted code unravels fast, while high-quality code saves money and builds customer loyalty while reducing technical debt.
  • Take pride in your work but recognize that your code is not your own and must be used and understood easily by others. So, avoid clever hacks and sleights of hand no matter how much fun they seem while coding. Focus on code that’s simple in implementation, readable (with consistent naming conventions, spacing, structure, and flow), considerate of future consumers and professionals, tested, relentlessly factored and SOLID (following the principles for longevity, maintainability, and flexibility).
  • Remember that the best way to write clean code is to do it all the time so that you retain and refresh the skill continually - even on your personal projects.

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