When debugging, your attitude matters

In this article, the Julia Evans battles with CSS and talks about our attitude as individuals when faced with a problem that we don't understand.

  • When debugging a problem, throwing darts in the dark doesn't help. Furthermore, even if we managed to hit bulls-eye, we're no better for it. There's no greater understanding of the system that lives with us.
  • Reading the documentation (if available) or source code helps us understand the fundamentals of the system.
  • Find documentation that you can trust. As engineers, we've sold our souls to StackOverflow (which is a bargain, if you ask me). While StackOverflow is great for snippets of code, it's not a replacement for good documentation or tutorials.
  • Watching other people perform the same task helps us learn much faster. After all, we are all monkeys that imitate each other. This is also the reason that we have so many die-hard fans of pair-programming.

As a backend engineer, this article made me feel seen. For example, I do not enjoy centering my divs. Instead of trying to understand CSS and it's many tricks, I actually founded a company, Appsmith, to save others like me from this hell. That was my attitude to this problem. If you too hate centering your divs, do give us a spin at Appsmith. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Full post here, 7 mins read