Code less, engineer more

“…But just as we wouldn’t insist that every bridge be built with bespoke girders and bolts, or that all electrical plugs and sockets have their own form factors, we shouldn’t insist on custom-building every part of the designs that we craft.”
  • Build only what you absolutely must. Identify vendors for pieces you can more efficiently buy off the shelf than to build in-house. Document the rationales of your decisions for future use.
  • Encourage the mindset of focusing on the impact of code and not the volume of code written in your team.
  • If and when you write a completely new component, share it with everyone in the team and the company. While sharing write about what you made, why you made it and how you did it. This helps in avoiding duplication of efforts but another teammate or another team in the company.
  • In your team, encourage & reward reusing code.

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